Tactio has been a very important company in the recent history of Embutidos Ortiz. Under their guidance, we began the transformation process that we want to guide the future of our family business. Now, in their publication, they record how this process, which has already begun to bear fruit, has developed. We reproduce it here to acknowledge their work and so that other family businesses like ours can see that dreams can come true. Work, perseverance and good companions along the way are the keys.




“We are a team; a family in which Tactio is a member”.


The beginnings were hard, Miguel Ortiz, general manager ofEmbutidos Domingo Ortiz Moreno S.L., tells us with a half-smile halfway between nostalgia and the satisfaction of a job well done. “From my great-grandfather Pedro, the company passed to my grandfather Faustino and then to his sons, until my parents decided to continue the business on their own in 1995”.


Within the business plan, family tradition is a priority, following the inherited values of professionalism, simplicity and good work. “We are developing new flavours and lines… we are looking for a balance between tradition and innovation”, says Miguel Ortiz. Today, the company is openly opting for specialisation, following the established roadmap, always respecting the legacy. “We are where we are thanks to our traditional values, which we want to preserve and adapt to the new times. To do so, we are committed to incorporating innovative presentations, new weights and formats and, based on the recipe of my great-grandparents, to create other developments. We have launched Chorizo with Quinoa and Chorizo with Kombu seaweed, which are the most traditional chorizo recipe with innovative ingredients”..


“Diversifying actions and optimising resources is fundamental to placing our company among the best”.

Embutidos Ortizrequired a strategic plan to professionalise and optimise the activity, strengthening the organisational chart and opening up new strategic lines. Tactio’s intervention has provided the necessary tools and motivation to thoroughly restructure the real needs and assess the actions to be taken. On balance, the experience with Tactio is one hundred percent positive: “The change of corporate image and the signing of a family protocol have pushed us forward. We are still a family of 25 people in the factory, but it was essential to professionalise on all fronts”.


“We realised we had to make a radical change if we wanted to be at the forefront of the market”.