Chorizo Barbacoa is almost exclusively linked to its consumption on the grill or griddled. However, its culinary and gastronomic versatility goes far beyond that and it can be used in a wide variety of dishes including, of course, stews, soups and other spoon dishes. Would you like to know the advantages of using it in stews and other ‘alternative’ uses from Embutidos Ortiz? We’re sure you do.

While we’re at it, we’d like to introduce you to our Chorizo Barbacoa Ortiz, which we make in a 100% Natural Protein Source version; in two sizes, Normal and Mini (a delicious little bite) and two flavours: Sweet and Spicy.


Intense flavour: Chorizo barbacoa adds a powerful and spicy (if desired) flavour to your stews, enriching the flavour profile of the whole dish.

Texture: Its natural content helps to create a richer and tastier texture, making your stews more mellow and helping to integrate all the ingredients.

Spicy touch: Add a light spicy flavour to your dishes that will complement and enhance the flavour of your stews.

Simple one-step cooking: Our barbecue sausage can be integrated into the stew right from the start, which simplifies the preparation and cooking process.

Firm Texture: Chorizo barbacoa retains its firm texture after cooking, which adds a nice contrast to your stews.

Complete Protein: Incorporates a good amount of protein into the stew, making it a more nutritionally complete dish.

Versatility of Ingredients: Combines well with a variety of ingredients, from pulses and vegetables to other types of meat.


Fillings: Can be shredded and used as a filling for pies, omelettes, quiches or pastas.

Rice dishes: Added to paellas or rice dishes to give a distinctive flavour and depth.

Pasta: Incorporated in pasta sauces, such as a bolognese with a Spanish twist, or in baked pasta dishes such as lasagne or cannelloni.

Eggs: Used in egg scrambles or an enriched French omelette for a hearty breakfast or a flavourful dinner.

Snacks and Sandwiches: Can be cooked, gently sautéed or microwaved and then added to snacks and sandwiches, especially combined with melting cheeses and grilled vegetables.

Appetizers: Sliced and sautéed, it can be an excellent accompaniment to cheeses and breads on appetizer boards.

Pizza: As a pizza topping, providing a spicy and meaty touch.

Salads: Adding roasted chorizo to salads provides a warm, flavourful element that contrasts with the freshness of the vegetables.

Pulses: Mixed with lentils, chickpeas or beans to create more complex and tasty pulse dishes.

Soups: As a complement to soups, especially those with a clear broth or tomato base, providing flavour and texture.

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