If there is one thing Spanish cuisine is particularly rich in, it is its ability to evoke the warmth of home with its flavours and aromas. In the autumn and winter months, mainly, stews, soups and other spoon dishes made with sausages are not only a great source of flavour and nutrients, but they are also responsible for comforting the soul and filling homes with memories.

This is at least what we at Embutidos Ortiz aim to achieve. That beyond the quality of our products, when tasting them we feel a connection with our roots. Let each stew bring back memories of our grandmothers’ and mothers’ cooking. From the homecoming. Of that slow-cooked cuisine that not only feeds us, but also makes us feel at home no matter where we are.

In Spain, culinary tradition is almost an art that is passed down from generation to generation. A national and cultural heritage that is worthy of perpetuating because in every corner the stews have their own history. At Embutidos Ortiz, from the heart of La Rioja, we know this tradition well. Since 1915, we have been part of this history, contributing flavour to those dishes that have become true icons of our gastronomy. Potatoes with chorizo, humble in their ingredients but great in flavour, are a standard bearer of Riojan cuisine.

Embutidos Ortiz’s Chorizo Barbacoa, either in its mini or normal version, or our Chorizo Extra Sarta without additives, are the soul of this dish whose flavour derives in a mixture of intensity and smoothness that leaves no palate indifferent. (See recipe).

And what can we say about our caparrones, the local red bean that we recommend always accompanying with its sacramento. Each spoonful contains all the heritage of Riojan cuisine, a pure, simple and authentic cuisine.


In Spain, autumn is a time of year when gastronomy is full of comforting flavours and aromas, thanks to the stews, soups and spoon dishes that brave the cold. These dishes are at the heart of Spanish cuisine and vary from region to region. Here are some of the most emblematic ones:

Cocido Madrileño: This is one of the best known and most loved stews in the country. It is a dish made with chickpeas, vegetables, bacon, chorizo, black pudding and beef or chicken. It is usually served in three bowls: first the soup, then the chickpeas and vegetables, and finally the meat.

Fabada Asturiana: Originally from Asturias, fabada is a hearty stew made with fabes (white beans), chorizo, black pudding, bacon and sometimes pork shoulder. It is a perfect energy dish for colder days.

Caldo Gallego: Traditional from Galicia, this broth can contain turnip greens or turnips, potatoes, beans and often chorizo or pork shoulder. It is a nutritious soup and very popular during the autumn and winter months.

Sopa Castellana and Sopa de Ajo: Simple soups based on garlic, stale bread, paprika, broth and sometimes an egg poached in the broth itself and ham or chorizo to taste. Especially popular in Castilla y León, it is a traditional remedy against the cold.

Lentejas a la Española: Lentils can be prepared in many ways, but typically include chorizo, blood sausage, bacon and sometimes vegetables such as peppers, carrots and onions. They are a classic in any Spanish home when the cold weather arrives.

Puchero Andaluz: Similar to cocido but with Andalusian variations, it has chickpeas, various vegetables, meats and often “pringá” is added, which is the shredded meat eaten as a second course.

Callos a la Madrileña: Although not a soup, this stew of beef tripe, chorizo and black pudding in a sauce thickened with paprika is another traditional spoon dish that is very popular in the cold months.

Chorizo Extra Sarta Ortiz 100% Natural is gluten-free and contains no artificial colourings. Allergen and additive free. A natural way to accompany our autumn stews with all the flavour of tradition.

Chorizo Barbacoa Ortiz Fuente de Proteínas is a versatile ingredient that invites improvisation, ideal for those days when time is short but you feel like a homemade meal with a taste of home.