TheMinistry of Science, Innovation and Universities has awarded Embutidos Ortizthe Innovative SME seal for the innovative nature of its most recent activity. At present, only 3,300 SMEs in Spain are considered as such, despite the fact that according to the latest national census there are almost 2,900,000 small and medium-sized enterprises.


ForInés Ortiz, head of Quality and R&D&I at Embutidos Ortiz, “This distinction is a recognition of the project we are committed to with the opening of our Innovation Department with the collaboration of the Agri-Food Technology Centre of La Rioja (Ctic-Cita)“. As a result of this project, the company from Navarrete (La Rioja) has already launched Embutidos Ortiz Chorizo with Quinoa and Chorizo with Kombu seaweed.


They are products,” says Inés Ortiz. with an innovation that is carried out with the origin of our charcuterie tradition in mind. They are based on the original family recipe, but at the same time we want to respond to the new demands of a consumer who does not want to give up the taste of the most traditional sausage but who values an improved nutritional value. It’s not innovation for innovation’s sake, we have a real commitment to consumers”.