The family company based in Navarrete (La Rioja) continues with its chorizo R&D project by incorporating ingredients of high interest and nutritional value into its traditional recipe.


Its latest launches have been Chorizo with Quinoa, with a high protein content, and now it presents Chorizo with Kombucon seaweed, with a surprising flavour and reduced salt content.


Both products have been shortlisted for the Sial Innovation Awards at the Sial Paris trade fair, which runs from 21 to 25 October.


Chorizo with Kombu seaweedis made following a natural recipe using only: Pork Meat, Kombu Seaweed, Paprika, Garlic and Salt Embutidos Ortiz, a family company based in Navarrete (La Rioja) and with more than a hundred years of experience in the production of traditional Rioja sausages, presents its new Chorizo with Kombu Seaweed, a gluten-free product made with 100% natural ingredients, without additives or artificial colourings.


The addition of Kombu seaweed(Laminaria ochroleuca) gives the traditional chorizo formula a new, natural and deliciously exotic flavour. The new Embutidos Ortiz product is presented with a reduced salt content, intense flavour and great nutritional value. Chorizo with Kombu seaweed is made from the usual ingredients (pork, paprika, garlic and salt) with the addition of Kombu seaweed, which is low in fat and calories but at the same time highly valued for its high fibre, antioxidant and mineral content.


As with Embutidos Ortiz’s Chorizo with Quinoa, presented last April, this new product is also the result of collaboration with the Agri-Food Technology Centre of La Rioja (Ctic-Cita). It is also part of the European Regional Development Fund and has been financed by the Economic Development Agency of La Rioja (ADER) and the ERDF Operational Programme of La Rioja.



Embutidos Ortiz’s two latest novelties, Chorizo with Quinoa and Chorizo with Kombu Seaweed, have been selected for the Sial Innovation Awards 2018. The winners in the Gold, Silver and Bronze categories will be announced on 22 October at the fair. Sial Paris,one of the most important world meetings in the world of catering and food products, where Embutidos Ortiz will be present with its own stand where it will present all its new products.