From 30 April to 2 May, Embutidos Ortizwill be taking part in the Sial Canada International Trade Fair, which is being held in Toronto and which will bring together around 20,000 professionalvisitors from more than 50 countries, with Italy as the guest country. In fact, the company from La Rioja has just received certification to export its products to Canada, thus continuing its international expansion.


As was the case at last year’sSial Paris, Embutidos Ortiz’s two latest commercial innovations, Chorizo with Quinoa and Chorizo with Kombu Seaweed,have been selected for the Sial Innovation Awards, the presentation ceremony for which will take place on the first day of the fair.


Embutidos Ortiz’s proposals are thus consolidated internationally as an example of food innovation without losing the traditional roots of the Riojan brand, whose activity dates back to 1915.



On the other hand, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has recently included Embutidos Ortizin the list of companies authorised to export its meat products to the North American country.


In this way, Embutidos Ortiz continues its international expansion, in a country where, according to the latest ICEX report, Spanish sausages and meat products are in a very favourable position given the growing market demand in recent years.


In fact, Ortiz was one of the first SMEs in La Riojato obtain the approvals to export Rioja sausages and its products are now available in countries such as Japan, Argentina, Chile, Brazil and New Zealand.


Two members of the Sial Innovation Canada Jury, with a sample of Embutidos Ortiz Chorizo with Quinoa.