At Embutidos Ortiz we have a premiere. The market has undergone a change in consumer trends, a circumstance that has conditioned our new Strategic Planfor the coming years, but also has an impact on the way we want the consumer to identify us. It was time, therefore, to change our image.


A world like ours, the meat industry, is undergoing a profound transformation. The evolution of consumption (and of consumers) forces us to offer different things framed in a new point of view. There are new flavours, new products, new trends, to which Embutidos Ortiz could not remain indifferent.


And hence our new corporate image and our new presentations. With them we seek to show our philosophy to the consumer in a more appropriate way. We have a deep tradition, which we have transferred from our origins to the way we elaborate our products so that they maintain all the flavour of yesterday. Today, as yesterday, we want our customers and collaborators to feel identified with our way of doing things and with the quality of our products which, now more than ever, are going to be easier to identify and differentiate from the rest.



This change represents an important step forward in our history. The management of this new phase is a real commitment for us. Our new image is just one way of expressing our good work, our vision for the future and our full confidence that we are on the right track to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. We want to be closer than ever.

Embutidos Ortiz, Flavour with Tradition.