Christmas is the time of year that invites us to gather around a festive table, a tradition that has been kept alive through generations. This custom has its roots in ancient history, where winter festivities were key times to strengthen community and family ties, sharing food and experiences together.

Sitting together at Christmas is much more than sharing a meal; it is an act that nourishes the human soul. It is a time to strengthen bonds, share stories and laugh together, creating memories that will last long after the plates have been cleared away. At these times, people often express their deepest wishes and hopes for the future, reflecting a spirit of optimism and goodwill.

Over time, this tradition has embraced new customs and practices. Today, traditional recipes are fused with culinary innovations, reflecting the diversity and richness of our global society. In this context, products such as sausages play a crucial role. Not only are they a delicious part of the Christmas feast, but they are also the bearers of tradition, flavour and culture. Sausages, with their rich variety and unique taste, invite you to explore new recipes and to revive those inherited from previous generations.

For Embutidos Ortiz, for us, who have been observing this world since 1915, this tradition of getting together at Christmas inspires us to feel a deeper connection with our customers. We are aware that our products contribute to creating unforgettable moments, being a central part of celebrations and fostering togetherness.

We like to believe that in those moments where memories and shared experiences come to the surface, there is a little room for our products.

Christmas reminds us every year that, despite changes and challenges, some values remain constant: the importance of human connection, the joy of sharing and the magic of creating moments together. In every dish served, in every laughter shared, our shared stories are woven together, making Christmas a truly magical and meaningful time..