Quality and Innovation

New times, new tastes, new commitment



For Embutidos Ortiz, quality is a work philosophy, based on the care and control of each one of our processes, on trust with our collaborators and the objective of value for clients and consumers. Our process is in a continuous study of improvement, we control and request guarantees regarding animal welfare, legality, quality and food safety and hygiene.

A quality which can be experienced.

Total traceability

The management of our processes and accreditation system allows us to guarantee, from the farm to the shop, total traceability.


Continuous Training and Awareness Plan. We personalise the offer and evolution of training to the necessities of our work areas and our staff.


Leading-edge technology. Constant updating and broadening of equipment and installations to increase efficiency and be able to satisfy the consumer’s demand.

Human team

Each member participates in the Committee of continuous improvement putting forward their vision for the common mission. The cooperation, commitment and qualification of the whole team is an asset of great value.

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Our elaboration system advocates quality and food safety. This is accredited by our high qualifications in the Quality Certificates with the most demanding of standards on an international scale.


Will to do well

We guarantee the quality and safety of our food, as well as always seeking to offer you more value.

We put a lot of effort into research, into developing products with a new point of view and innovating to meet the consumer’s expectations. New flavours, new packaging, new differentiated products which awaken the curiosity of the most sophisticated palates.
Mission and vision

Our Quality Management department is adapting to new times in accordance with our mission and vision focussing on evolution.

We think about people and their new consumer habits, with a line in R&D. It’s the future of the meat industry and the future of a family brand. It’s what we want at Embutidos Ortiz, with a new commercial focus and the objective of satisfaction and recognition from La Rioja to the rest of the world.