The Ortiz
A story of dedication and
achievement stretching over several generations


Since 1915...

The tradition of butchers in our family goes back to 1915
in the town of Baños de Río Tobía in la Rioja.

That was the year in which great-grandfather Pedro registered his business as number 49 in the Spanish Meat Industry Registry. There began a trajectory which is now in the hands of the 4th generation of the family.

We are in La Rioja, the centre of the meat and cold meats industry which is very traditional and linked to the life of the region. And at Embutidos Ortiz we want to transfer all of this tradition into the taste of what we do.


... right up to today

Now, from our new central plant in Navarrete, we continue with a legacy
which also consolidates its international expansion.

Embutidos Ortiz was one of the first pioneers in obtaining accreditations in order to export cold meats from La Rioja to countries such as Japan, Argentina, Chile, Brazil or New Zealand.

Adapted to the new times, we undoubtedly want to maintain the essence of our great-grandfather Pedro, grandfather Faustino and our father Domingo who, together with our mother, have passed down fundamental values to us: professionalism, simplicity and good work.

“Ortiz Family: an emblem of taste with tradition”


Thinking about you

Today, just like yesterday, we never stop thinking about you and we work daily in order to remain at the forefront of the market without losing our traditional taste.

Our products are Gluten free and are a Source of Protein. We have the More Natural range (without allergens) and 100% Natural (with natural ingredients, with neither allergens nor additives). We elaborate our chorizo without artificial colourings.

Our range is divided into:

  • Cured meats: easy both to buy and to eat. Ideal for appetisers and meetings and, of course, for your favourite sandwich.
  • Sliced meats: packaging which guarantees correct preservation without losing the freshness of a recently cut product.
  • Barbecue: consumption with the aim of having fun and to be enjoyed with company. The perfect accompaniment to homemade stews and alfresco getaways.