Scrambled Chorizo Sandwich with Cheese and Herbs

Scrambled Chorizo Sandwich with Cheese and Herbs

- Chorizo Barbecue - 100% Natural - Gluten free - Any time - At home
30 min / Easy

A holiday snack in the form of lunch or brunch


(For 4 people)
  • 4 ciabatta bread rolls
  • 100% Natural Barbecue Sausage
  • 3 or 4 eggs
  • Sliced cheese
  • Herbs from the field
30 min


Remove the Barbecue Sausage from the gut and crush it with a fork.

Place a frying pan on the heat and add the Barbecue Chorizo to defatten it.

Remove the fat if desired and add the beaten eggs.

Lower the heat to a minimum and stir continuously with a wooden spoon or a tongue to make the scrambled eggs mellow.

Meanwhile, cut the ciabatta bread roll in half, place a slice of cheese in one of the halves and bake.

When the scrambled is fine and smooth, put a couple of spoonfuls or three on top of the cheese and sprinkle the herbs, which can be thyme (as in the photo), oregano, basil, parsley or chives, for example.

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