Recipe of green bean noodles with potatoes and Chorizo Extra Sarta

Green bean noodles with potatoes and Chorizo Extra Sarta

Chorizo Extra Sarta · 100% Natural · Without gluten · All year · At home
35 Min / Easy

A different and easy form of eating green beans, same as ever


(For 4 people)
  • 800g of green beans.
  • Chorizo Extra Sarta.
  • Two medium-size potatoes.
  • Salt.
  • Pepper (optional).
  • Virgin olive oil.
35 Min


Peel and wash the potatoes. Cut them in medium-size pieces and cook them in a frying pan with a tap. Put medium/low fire and add two spoons of virgin olive oil 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, wash and cut green beans with noodles form. (See trick below)

Steam the green beans in a quick pot between 3 and 6 minutes depending on the model.

When potatoes are done, add sliced Chorizo Extra Sarta and continue with low fire two minutes.

Drain green beans

Put green beans in the dish with salt, pepper (optional) and a bit of virgin olive oil.

Add above potatoes and Chorizo Extra Sarta.

The recipe can be done cutting green beans in a traditional way, but it is more original to cut them in noodle size. For that, use this chop appliance of green beans that can be bought for less than 4€ and it is easy to use. Cut and wash 800g of green beans in no more than ten minutes.

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