Garlic Soup with Extra Sausage String Ortiz

Garlic soups con Chorizo Extra Sarta o Barbacoa

- Chorizo Extra Sarta or Barbecue - 100% Natural - Gluten free - Winter - At home
45 min / Easy

A lifelong dish, very easy to prepare and with an ideal restorative power against the cold


(For 4 people)
  • 250 g bread, preferably homemade and from the day before
  • Chorizo Extra Sarta or Barbecue
  • 8 cloves of garlic
  • Four dessert spoons of Pimentón de la Vera
  • Go out
  • Virgin olive oil
45 min


Cut the bread into slices neither too thick nor too thin. It is better to have a homemade bread and preferably from the day before.

Peel the garlic and cut it in slices or leave the teeth whole.

Fry the garlic in a casserole. When they are golden, add the paprika, being careful not to burn it, and the chorizo.

Add the bread and approximately two litres of water.

Leave to simmer for at least 45 minutes. You can break the bread with a stick or leave it in larger pieces. The cooking time will also depend on whether you use fresh or cured chorizo.

Season to taste.

It is quite common to incorporate one egg per person. They can be added to the soup when removed from the heat and gently beaten or if preferred once the soup has been served in a suitable dish add an egg to each and bake them on medium power for about ten minutes.

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