Recipe of Chorizo Barbecue with White wine

Chorizo Barbecue with White wine

Chorizo Barbecue · Chorizo Barbecue Mini · Without gluten · All year · At home
15 minutes /easy

A traditional “tapa” that is famous in tastings and popular festivals. Now, also it can be at home.


(For 4 people)
  • Chorizo Barbecue or Chorizo Barbecue Mini
  • White wine
  • Virgin Olive oil (optional)
  • Spicy paprika (optional)
15 minutes


Boil or scald the Chorizo Barbecue from Embutidos Ortiz 15 minutes in white wine.

Serve with good village bread and young wine or vintage wine.

Chorizo can be fry gently with two spoons of virgin oiive oil and add one dessert spoon of spicy paprika before bolling.

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