Embutidos Ortiz Website, now available in four languages.

Nowadays, nobody doubts the importance of expansion and consolidation of small companies in international markets. Embutidos Ortiz is not unaware of this necessity; furthermore, it was one of the first pioneers in obtaining accreditations in order to export cold meats from La Rioja to countries such as Japan, Argentina, Chile, Brazil or New Zealand. Nowadays, our products can be found in lots of European countries and also, in the rest of the world.

Adapted to the new times, we are forced to make a greater effort in order to communicate with our commercial network and clients in general. In addition to the change of our new corporate image, we have undertaken the translation of our website into English, French and German. This allows us to better connect our values, our history and our tradition.

We hope that this news helps Embutidos Ortiz and traditional cold meats from La Rioja to be recognized in more places and, moreover, for more people. Those ones in which we think every day to keep improving.