• The new product maintains the essence of the traditional flavour of the chorizo combining it with the properties of Quinoa
  • It is elaborated exclusively with pork, quinoa, garlic, paprika, salt and spices

The family business from La Rioja, Embutidos Ortiz, the headquarters of which is located in Navarrete and which has been elaborating cold meats from La Rioja using traditional methods for over one hundred years, has introduced its new Chorizo with Quinoa, a gluten free product which is elaborated with 100% natural ingredients, without additives or artificial colourings.

Adding Quinoa to the traditional chorizo formula elaborated by Embutidos Ortiz provides nutritional value with a high content in vegetable proteins of high biological value, respecting its traditional taste. In collaboration with the La Rioja Agro-Food Technology Centre (Ctic-Cita), Embutidos Ortiz introduces a Chorizo with Quinoa “where the most important thing was preserving the traditional taste of chorizo from La Rioja. We’ve done it, it involved maintaining our great-grandparents’ same formula and adding just the right amount of Quinoa so as not to mask the original taste. Our Chorizo with Quinoa contains only pork, paprika, salt, garlic and 4% of quinoa,” as Inés Ortiz, R&D Manager at the La Rioja company, explained to us during the presentation. For Inés Ortiz, “our family company, as a reference in both tradition and quality, had to make itself stand out within a sector that is changing.”

The Chorizo with Quinoa is fruit of a project within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund. Isabel Uribe, R&D Technician at the Agro-Food Technology Centre (Ctic-Cita), highlighted that the most important thing is that “the product is already on the market, which is one of our priorities and those of the company itself. Once Embutidos Ortiz informed us of their idea, we carried out several market studies in order to analyse consumer demand. Within their preferences, quinoa stood out as a culinary innovation. After many tests and recipes, we achieved a prototype that we continued to improve until we arrived at the end product, the one which will now be evaluated by the consumer’s purchase intent.”

Photo caption (from left to right):

Miguel Ortiz, Manager of Embutidos Ortiz
Iñigo Nagore, counsellor of Agriculture, Livestock and the Environment of La Rioja
Alfredo Martínez, R&D Manager of the Economic Development Agency of La Rioja
Inés Ortiz, R&D Manager of Embutidos Ortiz
Isabel Uribe, R&D Technician of the La Rioja Agro-Food Technology Centre

For more information: Inés Ortiz 637 458 000